Lil Dicky starrs in a series of videos with various athletes to promote the release of Madden.

"Mean Guys" is a hilarious short sketch video featuring the multi-talented Lil Dicky alongside three NFL stars: Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, and Von Miller. In this uproarious video, Lil Dicky spends time individually with each athlete, subtly stirring up playful banter and competition between them. As Lil Dicky navigates through conversations, he slyly tries to provoke reactions from the athletes about one another, leading to comical exchanges and friendly jabs. With Lil Dicky's sharp wit and the athletes' larger-than-life personalities, "Mean Guys" offers a side-splitting glimpse into their dynamic interactions. This uproarious video quickly gained popularity on YouTube, captivating audiences with its clever humor and entertaining premise.

Physique vs Technique" is a side-splitting YouTube video featuring rapper and comedian Lil Dicky alongside NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski, known affectionately as Big Daddy Gronk. Set against the backdrop of a cover shoot for Madden, the popular football video game, Lil Dicky injects the scene with his trademark humor and wit. As Lil Dicky engages in hilarious banter with Gronk, the energy between the two is electric, with Lil Dicky even daring to challenge the football titan to some one-on-one action.

With over 5 million views on YouTube alone, "Physique vs Technique" garnered widespread acclaim from both the gaming and sports communities. Lil Dicky's comedic timing and Gronk's larger-than-life persona combine to create an unforgettable viewing experience. From playful jabs to unexpected challenges, this video offers a glimpse into the dynamic rapport between two titans in their respective fields, leaving audiences in stitches and eagerly awaiting more collaborations from this unlikely duo.

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